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Your customers are shopping more on mobile.


Build a truly mobile-optimized eCommerce website for more sales.


This is the age of Mcommerce;

Or mobile commerce, as more users prefer their smartphones for entertainment, shopping, and just about everything else a laptop can do.

Insider Intelligence predicts mcommerce volume to hit $620.97 billion, or 42.9% of ecommerce, in 2024. There are two key devices driving the mcommerce revolution: smartphones and tablets.

Despite historically suffering poor conversion rates because of customer frustration from having to checkout on a small screen, smartphones have become the driving force behind mcommerce growth. US volume is poised to increase from $128.4 billion in 2019 to $553.28 billion through 2024.

This is nothing new for Nordic99’s eCommerce partners.  We have see our own traffic stats shift from 30% mobile to 60%.  Customers are calling in and 90% of the time they are browsing the store on their phones.

Our Clients Love This

Check out some examples while on your phone from OneLifeMeals, LashGod, and RangeviewSports

Clients love seeing how customers can quickly load the site because we COMPLETELY optimized the experience.  This includes

  • Scaling pictures and back-end files smaller to load faster (GTMetrix and Google Lighthouse approved!)
  • Delaying the loading of unnecessary code
  • Changing the UX and UI completely to be thumb friendly!

How to Start?

Put down a refundable deposit and one of our developers will get back to you immediately.

My Shopify and WooCommerce is TOO SLOW


Try this, put your website into Google’s PageSpeed Insights scanner for free.

I’ll bet you see a lot of red.

This is because theme developers and designers prioritize desktop design, not mobile.

This is why we’ve been so busy building mobile pages from scratch.

Amazon says that one second of load lag time would cost them $1.6 billion in sales each year.

This is why you need Mobile eCommerce.


My Store is Too Big To Navigate on Mobile


You have more than 5 categories and 500+ products.

When scrolling through your store menu on a mobile, it feels like you can scroll forever.

When trying the search bar, you may find you’re better off just searching on Google, where customers might also see your competition!

This was the problem all our clients have as they have upwards of 5000+ skus.

This is why you REALLY need Mobile eCommerce.


My Conversions Are Dropping


Google knows how many seconds a user spends on your website, and a lot more.

Your users are jumping from their mobile apps and social media into your website, and it’s a mess.

Your original Shopify or WooCommerce theme had “responsive design”, but all it was doing is stretching big boxes into little boxes.

But your users still have to load those massive pictures and big boxes on their mobile.  This kills your conversions and ad quality.

Mobile eCommerce is simply all about making your desktop website feel NOT like a desktop website.


What Does This Product Do?


This product is a stack of technology and time-tested code that fixes baseline issues with most Shopify and WooCommerce stores.

As every website is different, we also audit your existing mobile eCommerce UX and UI and propose fixes.

Our Mobile eCommerce product looks like this on the backend:

mobile eCommerce code


What’s the End Result?


  1. Your mobile eCommerce website will only take 4-5 taps for users to add a product to cart
  2. There will be no need to scroll more than 1 stroke of the thumb to find your top sellers
  3. Your optimized website will take less than 3 seconds for most users to load on mobile
  4. You will get more sales!
Peter Peng
Payment Terms

Refundable deposit. Total project cost depends on features.


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