Local WooCommerce Development

At Nordic99, we back and use our own system of WooCommerce and eCommerce approved plugins, code snippets. 

This includes our own secret sauce of code and tech stack that is reliable and affordable.

We do not just create websites, we help your eCommerce business grow!

Our Team

We've been building digital brands together for decades. We are digital natives from Canada and Asia with a strict set of quality controls to serve you better.

Our Results

We have detailed emails, case studies, testimonials and referrals upon request. We often overhaul of fix issues from previous low quality developers. Our results are measured in SPEED and PROFITS, not just sales.

Our Transparency

We maintain transparent relationships with clients based on trust and respect. We're not just another WooCommerce development agency - we're your partner in success.

Toronto’s Best WooCommerce Development Company

Developing Tailor-made solutions for WooCommerce clients

At Nordic99 we believe in building loyal relationships rather than just an e-commerce website. We are Toronto’s most trusted E-commerce development company. Having merged with more than 500 businesses and helped them expand at an international level with our highly productive eCommerce website designs, dedicated Toronto team, and world-class online strategies for marketing. Over the years we have established Nordic99 as a highly acclaimed brand.

With the help of Nordic99s website developers, you can take your business to a next level. Our business solutions revolve around integrating your site with updated technologies. The experts deep-dive into the research of your business to set up realistic goals, expectations, and needs. Our team will help you evaluate and analyze what’s working in order to find ways of improvement for both traffic levels as well customer satisfaction! We use only modern technologies to create effective advertising strategies to achieve mesmerizing results.


We develop interactive website designs using WordPress

Digital Solution For Real World

We develop interactive website designs using WordPress

We Designed Website For Canada’s Renowned Furniture & Electronic Appliances Store


Answering all your WooCommerce queries

WooCommerce is the world’s leading eCommerce platform as it’s based on the world’s leading web building and management platform; WordPress.

Given the right tools and setup, WooCommerce’s features can scale incredibly well for small and medium sized businesses in the retail or pure digital space.

WooCommerce has features that can be added with it’s best-in-class plugin marketplace; point of sale, dynamic shipping, custom designs and thousands more!

The process begins with an initial consultation to discuss your specific needs and requirements.

From there, our team will create a custom WooCommerce theme that is tailored to your unique specifications.

Cosmetic items like logos, layouts, colors, fonts should be agreed upon within this stage.

Then the developers will install and configure WooCommerce to meet your exact needs. Finally, the site will be tested for functionality.

eCommerce designs have to be fast, lightweight yet allows shoppers to easily find their product.

This is why our team is dedicated to the unique requirements of eCommerce UX/UI design.

Design costs scale to the scope of works and number of revisions.

In general, our designers charge $45USD/hr and a complete, no-frills eCommerce design can be done in 4-8 hrs.

The costs are high.

WooCommerce and WordPress is built with PHP/SQL on the backend and thematic HTML5/CSS.  The new WordPress supports modern REST API integrations and many new features are being built constantly.

Senior developers cost $80/hr minimum.

Junior developers cost $40/hr minimum.

For reference, a multi-billion dollar app like SLACK was built with a senior team of full stack developers.  In 2022 the cost would have been at least $150,000 for a TEST VERSION OF THE SOFTWARE.

An extremely low cost eCommerce plugin should cost at least $30,000 to build the first version, with maintenance costs ongoing.

Please do not contact us for full-stack, world-changing app ideas without ample funding.


This depends on the requirements of the client.  In general, eCommerce websites should be selling the products, not the design.

We will communicate clearly the pros and cons of using a theme.

In 2022, we recommend Elementor as it’s the only “theme” that fully supports mobile.

Do not be fooled by those who work with systems like Divi Themes, BakeryBuilder, BeaverBuilder, etc.  All these systems are not ideal for the high-speed requirements of eCommerce.  Though they can work well if you only have a few products on your site!

Most of our clients have over 500 SKUS, hence our unique stack is lean and mean.


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