Exclusive Guide on EventON Plugin

EventON is easy to use and packed with features, making it the perfect tool for managing any type of event. It not only connects you to the virtual world but also provides an experience like no other. With live event progress and video feeds from events in real-time it will take your business or personal gatherings to new heights with ease! Plus EventON offers addons for anything else someone could imagine needing at their next conference – all without having any technical knowledge whatsoever because they’re made by experts who know what people need better than anyone else does! We will break down the most essential features to add for a typically paid ticket event :

The Appearance Editor of EventON
EventON’s appearance editor gives you complete control over how your events are displayed. You can change the color of an individual event tile, and add in quick overviews for each type of meeting or appointment that is going on now (and future!) right at this moment inside EventON calendar software! Organizers will also have all their information pulled up automatically when they log into it too so thereโ€™s no need to search through old records looking for what was assigned beforehand – everything has already been organized perfectly just waiting patiently behind these simple clicks.
The Shortcode Generator for Developers
Events are a great way to share your calendars with the world. With EventON’s shortcode generator, you have many display options for your event information in addition to the default calendar page and widgets. You can use these codes on posts or pages with ease- just edit them if needed! With the help of shortcodes, you can insert calendar content into any post or page in WordPress without having an extra plugin installed on top of it! As an added customization, you can edit the shortcodes in order to add to a single event or an entire calendar to your content. You also have plenty of options for what type of event goes well within each individual piece- from single appointments all leading up until an entire year’s worth at once if that suits better for whatever project needs arising out this endeavor may be – whether its personal use like blogging about planned vacations upcoming plans etc., business-related such as posting meetings minutes via email attachments sent automatically every week.
Google Maps Integration for Easy Access
EventON lets you show the location of your events in Google Maps so attendees can easily find their way there. They’ll be able to put in an address before they arrive and get directions straight away, which means that even if someone doesn’t have access to or an account on EventON’s website – no problem!
PayPal Integration For Smooth Transactions
With EventON and PayPal integration, you can now offer ticketed events on your site. The process is easy: add a payment button to each event invite so that visitors have the option of purchasing their tickets right from within!
Summing Up!
You can use the EventON plugin to promote your events so you don’t have to worry about them anymore. Just pair it with an event WordPress theme and watch as new customers come in for all of their entertainment needs, building up a contact list along the way!

Find the easy guide developer documentation/guide here at: https://docs.myeventon.com/

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