How Do I Know Which Products are Frequently Bought Together on my WooCommerce Store?

freq bought together on google

Look for this on Google, I dare you, you will get flooded with software that lets you DISPLAY bundled products, but no software (or WooCommerce plugin) that tells you which items are frequently bought together.

Meaning you have to manually tell your store how to bundle the frequently bought together deals yourself, ick.

(In other words, you might be here if you want to know which items are frequently bought together in a report or auto-populate format)

So I promise this is not affiliated, but this is the only software I’ve found that works:  Our store is hosted on Kinsta and has 6000+ skus and it didn’t crash our site so that’s a green flag in my books.


Well that’s why I’m writing this post bc my lord, it works but it also does not work.

Read on.

Step 1:  Install & go to here, if I don’t work for you, it means you have to figure this part yourself.

freq bought together plugin woocommerce


Step 2:  Profit


We only interested in this one product for now and understanding it better.  80/20 rule.

frequently bought together
frequently bought together with our top seller


Neither can I, I have to hover my mouse over and copy it to you like it’s 1990.  Obviously the plugin developer needs more customers and can’t afford to drop anther 10hrs to make it legible.  I’m on the dev’s side on this one.

But here, let me tell you directly:

  1. Everlasting Empress
  2. Superbond
  3. Classic Single variation of this same product
  4. … and so on
  5. But the store owner might be like “duh”, this is obvious, so there is another one: “Hydrofrim Collagen Gel Pad – 50 pairs”


How Else Can I Profit off this Plugin?

I would go down your top 10 sellers and optimize each by the top frequently bought together reports here.  Takes some time that’s all.


What Else Can This Plugin Do That’s Useful?

Kinda cool:

top ordered attributes

This is a cool one, say your top seller is a CAR, wonder what color / make / model variations sell the most?  The above graph tells you that.

D (Curl) is how much the thing is curled, don’t ask me questions.


Why write a blog post for a random plugin nobody uses?

Because I think this dev took a very pragmatic approach to and otherwise difficult mathematical problem.  I really appreciate you, Users Insights .Com, whoever you are.  Let’s hope you get more hours so you can make my life easier yea.


I’m not gonna manually select stuff from a drop down;

How to write a program to automatically report my Top Frequently Bought Together combos?


Yea good luck with that s/

In this grossly simplified diagram for a store with 5 products, a dev would need this kind of plan to lay out a plan for an answer in a more elegant way.  Basically there are too many combos for a script to run though if you have lots of products / skus.  However, I believe it’s not a math problem as the big stores like Amazon do it, it’s also a server optimization problem.  Small businesses don’t have the same budget.

The math is fun to look at though!

how to make a plugin like this but without the manual work


Peter Peng

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