WooCommerce Accounting – Cart Totals and Subtotals for Gross Sales Reporting

Because it’s so hard to find a clear answer on Google, I’m putting down the specific WooCommerce lingo here which directly translates to Accounting lingo.

What is the Item’s Subtotal in WooCommerce?

“Cart Subtotals” = the cart’s “Gross Sales”; as it’s simply the Product Sold x Quantity

For reporting more clearly, we do recommend Gross Sales / “WooCommerce Cart Subtotals”.  With a very big asterisk that GROSS SALES do not include discounts, returns or shipping as per standard practice.

The accounting lingo here is Gross Sales.

Gross sales does not include coupons, shipping, taxes, returns, and other costs to make the sale.  It’s just… Gross… Sales.

What is the Order Total in WooCommerce?

It’s the Subtotal + Coupons + Shipping + Taxes.

Note that Returns / Shipping Costs from 3rd parties are not on here!  Thus it’s a murky way of any sort of useful analysis.  Generally we’d like to use Gross Sales for this reason.

The accounting lingo here is… nothing… it’s just not the complete picture of a whole order’s life cycle.


How can we get an After-Discounts Subtotal in WooCommerce?

Great question because one care argue that the sale would not have happened without the discount.

Unfortunately, you’d use Google and some coding for that.  This is not a vanilla feature.  It’s one of the first results, so don’t let me google for ya!  Alternatively you can crunch the #’s manually via CSV / excel.

Here’s How I Checked To Be Sure:



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