Best WooCommerce Enterprise Speed Optimizations and Snippets I can’t live without

Best WooCommerce Enterprise Speed Optimizations and Snippets I can’t live without and everyone should consider for big & small stores.  Because let’s admin it, 95% of WooCommerce stores are for starters and tiny websites.  If your store has many skus or you want to pay less but do more than a Shopify store, you need some stuff like this:

Essential WooCommerce Enterprise Speed Optimizations (Kinsta bonus)

  • Let Kinsta handle Cron or batch schedule via Action Schedule
  • Heartbeat API
  • Disable Revisions
  • Try “Disable Bloat” plugin & pro version (I’ve only tested the free version and it seems fine), if that feels too much, try Disable AJAX-Fragments on your cart
  • Let Kinsta do caching, minifying, WebP….. STOP USING BLOATED PLUGINS like WPRocket if you’re on Kinsta
  • Database cleanup
  • Cleanup plugins that require a constant connection for Pro Licenses… like Elementor Pro
  • Images optimization (no brainer)

All of the above can boost your site by 10-20%.  A bigger boost would come from your Theme. WooCommerce enterprise speed optimizations are heavily dependent on lightweight javascript files and mobile friendly themes.

WooCommerce Enterprise Speed Optimizations
Its mainly the theme here

Make Sure Caching is Actually Working

Kinsta Caching

WP ROCKET BROKE our caching, even uninstall did not fix.

The true way to uninstall WP ROCKET is through SFTP:

delete WPCache properly

Insert a Product Disclaimer Under Every WooCommerce Product – Lightweight!

/* PETERS CODE 2022 may for product universal disclaimer */
function product_bot_disclmr(){
    echo ‘<div class=”universal_product_note”>
    <h4>Refund Policy</h4>
All sales are final, with no refund or exchanges. All Lashgod products are kept in a sterile sanitary environment at perfect temperature and humidity for the best function. Please ensure all your products are ordered correctly, we are only able to make changes to the parcels before they are shipped out, we are not able to accept any product back after it has left our facility! Client safety and product hygiene are our priority.
All items are carefully inspected prior to leaving LASHGOD’s warehouse. Damage occurring in transit is the responsibility of the carrier and goods must be examined upon receipt and noted on the bill of landing.
add_action( ‘woocommerce_after_single_product_summary’, ‘product_bot_disclmr’ );


Fundamentally Flawed Plugins – Avoid These Landmines

  • All Kinsta banned plugins if you’re on Kinsta for obvious reasons
  • WPCode – Insert Headers and Footers + Custom Code Snippets – WordPress Code Manage; conflicts with user permissions
  • Bakerybuilder, Divi – bloated, use Elementor Free
  • Elementor Pro – bloated, avoid, use a paid theme somewhat catered for client’s wants
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