What Happens When You Refund an AfterPay Customer Midway Through Their Payments – WooCommerce-Stripe

Stripe and their AfterPay + WooCommerce integration continues to impress.  I thought I had caught a bug, but no, they were ahead of me on this one.

Say your customer used AfterPay, but mid way through they want a refund.

But the payments are already broken into chunks by AfterPay!

What you need to do is Refund it in your WooCommerce orders portal like normal

Then AfterPay should IMMEDIATELY notify and show the refund as such:


Then it’s a simple operation for AfterPay to refund the customer’s connect credit card.  The refund email via WooCommerce triggers the same way.

I love it when edge cases work! Great job AfterPay & Stripe!

Peter Peng

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